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The family system in addiction

In addiction, everyone in the family takes on a role.

Best Addiction Recovery Podcasts

Some of the top addiction recovery podcasts to help you on your journey.

Dopamine - the universal currency of seeking highs.

We all have a baseline of dopamine, and generally seek out activities to create peaks.

Riding the urge wave.

Suppressing a thought, feeling or sensation (like a craving), ultimately increases it until we give in. Here's a mindfulness practice to help.

The magic of atomic habits.

Often, the smallest changes in our behaviour provide the most life-changing results. Find out how to create a new habit that sticks.

The dopamine seesaw.

Our brain fights to restore the balance of dopamine in our brains. This is where cravings, comedowns and withdrawals build.

Sugar in recovery from addiction.

The love affair with sugar after we break up with booze.

Highly functioning addiction.

What is highly functioning addiction and what are the signs to look out for?

Rewiring the brain.

Neuroplasticity: the brain's ability to reorganise itself by forming new neural connections throughout life.

Routine: a game-changer.

With far-reaching psychological benefits, a routine allows you to carve out time for what really matters - and strengthens your recovery.

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