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What is addiction recovery coaching?

What is recovery coaching?

Recovery coaching is a non-clinical, self-directed, strengths-based partnership between coach and client with the goal of achieving long-term recovery and improved quality of life.

As a recovery coach, I help individuals on the path of recovery, before, during, and after treatment. I assist clients with identifying and overcoming barriers to recovery, including stigma and shame.

What are the benefits of recovery coaching?

Triggers will be alive in our day-to-day world, so it’s imperative to create a watertight strategy to manage how we react to those threats to recovery.

By being strategic, having a coach, and putting a structure in place for your recovery, you’ll have the best opportunity for long term recovery.

Some of the many benefits include

  • my assistance with navigating your recovery journey
  • learning evidence-based tools for behavioural change
  • habit forming and goal setting
  • adopting a more balanced and holistic approach to life
  • developing effective practices to help with emotional regulation
  • mindfulness practices for stress reduction and resilience
  • accountability and ongoing support.

How do I know if recovery coaching is for me?

I provide coaching for individuals who are seeking a supportive and proactive coach to stay aligned to what they want to achieve in life and ensure they maintain intentional, strong recovery. This includes identifying and overcoming barriers to recovery, including stigma and shame.

Recovery coaching is effective for you if you

  • are struggling to get sober
  • have stopped the addictive behaviours but know that without additional support you’re going to end up back where you were
  • have done rehab and or 12 Steps but are now looking for some additional support and inspiration on your recovery and life journey
  • have recently put the pain of a detox behind you, just checked out of rehab or it’s been a while since your last drink or drug, and you’re now motivated to stay away from your old life
  • know you’re not your best self when you’re around your partner and kids
  • know you could lose everything you’ve worked so hard for, if you continue, or return to, addiction.

If you’re experiencing addiction - either yourself or in your family - do get in touch if you’d like to speak to Sophie about getting help.