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Nourish your recovery

One-to-one coaching for individuals wanting to maintain and strengthen their recovery from addiction.

One-to-one recovery coaching

Which wolf do you feed?

As the parable goes, there are two wolves inside us; one good, one bad. The one we feed determines the quality of our life.
As someone in recovery, choosing which wolf you feed is a life-changing decision.

Feeding the good wolf ensures optimal health in mind, body and spirit. By nourishing that wolf - the wolf of joy, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, truth, compassion, inner peace and forgiveness - you nourish your recovery. Long term recovery provides a life of meaning, purpose and joy. 



You are either working on recovery or working on a relapse.

When you’ve invested money, and most importantly your time, in starting a recovery journey, the longevity of the success lies in actively practising and continuing to develop your recovery ‘tool kit’. If good habits and behaviours stop there’s an inevitable move towards relapse.

Relapse isn’t failure. But it can be the beginning of an almighty unravelling of your life. It can cost everything: family, relationships, career, dignity - the lot.

Recovery coaching will provide you with much more than just confidential support; it’s an opportunity to focus on making positive decisions in all areas of your life, of which recovery is the absolute foundation stone.

Without recovery, everything else falls away.



The family system in addiction

In addiction, everyone in the family takes on a role.

Best Addiction Recovery Podcasts

Some of the top addiction recovery podcasts to help you on your journey.

Dopamine - the universal currency of seeking highs.

We all have a baseline of dopamine, and generally seek out activities to create peaks.