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Routine and habits

Developing and sticking with a routine that is congruent with your goals is one of the surest ways to ensure success in your recovery.

There's a misconception that routine means a dull, rigid and stifling lifestyle. A belief that living in a whimsical, capricious way will free up more time. In fact, it's the opposite. Designing an intentional daily routine brings peace, harmony, and freedom. It breathes air into productivity. We become more efficient, have fewer decisions to make and reduce our need to plan. A routine predetermines your schedule, and saves your most valuable resource: time.

Often, the smallest changes in our behaviour provide the most life-changing results. With far-reaching psychological benefits, good habits allow you to carve out time for what really matters - and strengthen your recovery.


Routine removes chaos, and creates a logical sequence in life.

Perhaps most importantly for healthy recovery, having a solid routine removes chaos, and creates structure and a logical sequence in your life. It provides the framework in which you can live your life and experience flow to your day. The repetition of a solid routine also helps to eradicate bad habits that don't serve you.

Routine also reduces the need for determination and willpower because it becomes a daily ritual. It simply becomes, well, routine!


The smallest changes in our behaviour provide the most life-changing results.

Habits are so ingrained in our lives that we’re not actually conscious of most of them. Developing awareness of what we do with the glorious 24 hours that we have each day can help us consciously make decisions to improve our habits and, as a result, improve our lives.


Available 1:1 or for private groups.

Why do we thrive on routine? What is the neuroscience of habits? How do we navigate the ‘habit loop’ effectively? In this workshop you’ll learn about all those things and work on creating a new routine and habits that stick.

This is perfect for you if you’re:

  • looking for a deep dive into designing a personal routine that works for you
  • ready to develop good habits that match - or help you towards - your goals and aspirations.

Workshops are available as 1:1 or for private groups. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

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