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Highly functioning addiction.

"High-functioning" has a positive connotation, when in actual fact the word "addiction" is the biggest word to focus on here. Functional addiction is present in someone who practices a high level of (usually) substance abuse whilst leading a functioning - even highly successful - lifestyle and career.

It's the most common form of addiction that I come across. Whilst I was in rehab, the most common form of addiction was the highly functioning sort, ranging from a yoga teacher who drank before teaching, to a multi millionaire who didn't touch a drop during business hours - but would sink a litre of vodka every night. Denial is a huge factor in HFA, because we misinterpret our daily functioning as meaning we don't have a problem.

A few warning signs:
Substituting food with alcohol
Rare or non-existent hangovers
Irritability or anxiety until there's alcohol back in the system
Excessive drinking - socially or secretively
Hiding alcohol
Finding every excuse to drink
Denial if confronted

If you think you might be in HFA, please get in touch.