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Circadian rhythm.

Circadian rhythm is our bodies’ 24-hour internal clock, which controls our sleep-wake cycle.

The rhythm affects how we function: sleep patterns, hormones, body temperature, and eating habits. If it’s out of sync, we experience mood changes, compromised immune function, and problems with learning, memory, and muscle movement. All these things can affect our recovery, so keeping our circadian rhythm in order is crucial. In fact, sleep disturbance stimulates most withdrawal symptoms and places people in recovery from addiction at greater risk of relapse.

Ways to restore our circadian rhythm:
~ have a daily routine
~ eat at the same times every day
~ practice good sleep hygiene (early nights and mornings, 8-9 hours of sleep)
~ cut back on caffeine late in the day
~ avoid working late at night
~ don’t check your phone in the night or, better still, don’t use it for a couple of hours before bedtime